DIY Holiday Gift Guides

I don’t know if this is just me, but I always intend to give people really thoughtful, homemade gifts. I then realize, however, that I can’t craft to save my life. If you’re like me and suck at DIY/crafts in general, you’re in luck, because I have gathered up some awesome, easy-seeming crafts to do for people as gifts. This provides you with a natural, much more eco-friendly and incredibly thoughtful gift, perfect for someone you may want to impress, or for someone that you want to go the extra mile for (I, for example, am thinking of making some of these for my mom). These gifts would also be great for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, baby shower/bridal shower party favours, birthday gifts, etc…

  • Poured Mason Jar Candle from According to my candle obsessed little sister, mason jar candles are the best kind of candles. (Trust me, she would know.) They are far less messy as all of the dripping wax stays safe in the jar, rather than being spilled onto your mattress… what? That’s just me? Anyway, these candles look super easy to make, and also super cheap. You can even reuse old jam jars or pasta sauce jars, again making it far more eco-friendly than a lot of gifts, and you can make the scent and colour whatever you think your friend/family member will like best. The article also shows you how to make a cute label and decorative touch for the lids.
  • Homemade Honey Bubble Bath from I think we can all admit to craving a long, hot, scneted bath once in a while, especially in the freezing winter months. This recipe is super simple, and I think honey is a great scent for gifts, given that it’s a pretty neutral, easy scent. It’s also really good for your skin, being a natural antioxidant, moisturizer and acne treatment, and is also a great aging reducer. This recipe also comes with a cute, free, downloadable label for your bubble bath bottles.
  • Travel Jewelry Case from How cute is this travel jewelry case? I mean, forget travel- I want this for my jewelry all of the time! This pattern comes with step-by-step photos to help beginner sewers, and picking and choosing the fabric for each recipient would be (in my mind) really fun! Plus if you want to bulk up the gift, you can always put some jewelry inside the travel case, making a perfectly paired gift!
  • Honey Lavender Bath Melts from Did you know that lavender is a proven anti-inflammatory, as well as a proven stress-reducer? Hell, some people (like my mom) tell you to boil a pot of water and lavender essential oil and inhale the steam to get rid of headaches. (#hippiemommy) But sarcasm aside, lavender really is a calming, relaxing scent, and combined with honey with the skin benefits listed above? I mean, ultimate power bath melt right there. Whip these up for the stressed out bath lover in your life! (I also love the adorable shape. <3)
  • Map Picture Frame from I think these picture frames are adorable! I just love the look of these and I think they could be a really meaningful gift! Put a photo of you and your friend/family member from a vacation together and make the map covering the frame from a part of the world that you’ve seen together!
  • Lemon and Thyme Salt Scrub from Lemon and thyme scented bath salts just scream zen to me! This recipe also only has four ingredients, all of which can probably be found in your kitchen, and, according to the recipe, takes all of five minutes to make. Plus I just couldn’t resist throwing a DIY project with thyme in it on here. All four of the products used (almond oil, salt, lemon and thyme) contain properties that are really good for your skin, containing moisturizing, detoxifying and softening properties, as further outlined in the recipe. I will for sure be whipping this up!
  • Bath Bombs from I think we can all agree how much fun bath bombs are. I always thought that they would be incredibly difficult to make, but this recipe looks super simple, plus you can customize the scent based on the gift recipient’s preferred scents. The bath lover in your life will love these!
  • DIY Colorful Hand-Dotted Tumblers from If someone gave me these glasses, I would love them forever. I think they are stunning, and look like they could be sold in stores. And for those of you that can’t draw or paint (read: me), these glasses look detailed and beautiful but are really nothing more than polka dots painted with Q-tips. Easy enough, right? 🙂 Even I can handle this one!

Hope some of these end up being helpful for you this holiday season! 🙂

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